JG Quick Dry Towel

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Junior Guard Towel

Size: 32" x 68"
Material: 100% Microfiber

This Quick Dry Towel is the Official Towel of the Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguards!

Lifeguards require their towels to be light, super-absorbent, fast-drying, travel friendly and durable. Our Guard Towels are engineered from the highest quality microfiber material.

Microfiber construction enables these towels to absorb just as much water as any terry towel, at a fraction of the thickness. 

Say goodbye to your old-school cotton towels: This Quick Dry Towel will save you space in your closet, backpack, beach bag, etc., soak up more water and dry faster, and tread much more lightly on the environment. Get what the Lifeguards rely on - get a JG Guard Towel!

Your purchase benefits the LA County Fire Foundation and their efforts to support the Junior Lifeguard Program