Derek Traeger





Derek Traeger was an LA County Ocean Lifeguard who worked with integrity in Dockweiler, Venice, and Santa Monica for 7 years.  Derek’s passion for being a skilled waterman as well as caring for others, on and off duty, made him a valuable leader in the lifeguard community.

One of the foundational programs that shaped Derek’s life was the Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguard Program. Junior Guards was one of the first steps in forging his eventual career and lifestyle. Through teamwork and time in and around the water, Junior Lifeguards helped to shape Derek’s character into the man that we all loved. It made Derek into the courageous and fearless protector that he proved himself to be among peers, it was the start of his absolute love for the water, and it lead to his curiosity for travel, which in turn shaped his entire view of the world.

Without the LA County Junior Lifeguard program, Derek’s commitment to living a life full of love and vitality may have never been achieved.

Derek’s earthly journey ended far too soon but the Traeger family wishes to share his passion for living life to the fullest and caring for others by supporting as many Junior Guards as possible. All donations and T-shirt purchases will go towards sponsoring and supporting those who wish to participate in a Junior Lifeguard program for the summer of 2023 but may otherwise have difficulty. Thank you for your time and contribution in honor of Derek Traeger.

3 Uses for funds donated to the Derek Traeger Fund

JG sponsorship including program and uniform

Transportation for JG sponsorship

JG Equipment