Patch - Thin Red Line Flag w/ Velcro

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Thin Red Line Flag Patch w/ Velcro

Show your pride, respect and/or honor with this Thin Red Line patch. It has a Velcro back for each attachment. In this version, the red line ends in the shape of a fire axe.

About the Thin Red Line:
The Thin Red Line is representative of Firefighters, the color Red was chosen because of the color's association with fire. The phrase 'Thin Red Line' was originally referring to the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, with the color red being a reference to both sides battle uniform. Today the phrase is representative of Firefighters and their courageousness in the face of danger, as the phrase has evolved into 'Thin Red Line of Courage'. As with the Thin Blue Line Flag, the Thin Red Line Flag can be used to show support of Fire Fighters or memorialize those lost in action.

Size: 3.25" wide x 2" tall
Attachment: Velcro or Sew-on

Your purchase benefits the LA County Fire Foundation and their efforts to support programs in our community