Rubber Duckies

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Rubber Duckies
Various sizes

Who doesn't love a Rubber Duck? This listing was created for our mobile store, but if you want us to ship you a duck, we'll oblige.

Small: We'll choose which 2.5 inch design you'll get. They are all firefighter themed, and do NOT float.

Medium: These 3.2" helmeted race car drivers are actually rubber ducks. Just don't tell them that. They do float though. You will get a random color, and it will be branded "Shelby" or "Roush". 

Extra Large: Just a plain, oversized 5" yellow rubber ducky. It floats and it even squeaks!

If these sell well, maybe we'll add more. Quack Quack.

Your purchase benefits the LA County Fire Foundation and their efforts to support the Junior Lifeguard program.