The JoG Tote Bag

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LA County Junior Lifeguard JoG Bag

Now there are TWO colors to choose from! Navy or Light Blue

ORDERING NOTE: If you are getting the (awesome deal of) 3 JoGger tag option, please let us know which 3 tags you'd like in the NOTES section of Checkout. See photos of all JoGer Charms below

What makes our JoG Tote Bag unique is its durability and washability! Unlike other totes, the JoG Bag won't tip over, the bottom won't leak, and at the end of the day, simply hose off your bag and put it away for your next adventure.  This is the perfect beach tote!

Compare to the very popular and more expensive Bogg Bag

You choose: Get the JoG Bag by itself, or get the version with 3 "JoGGers", PVC push-in emblems (pictured).

Made from Ethylene vinyl acetate material.

All profits from these JoG Tote Bags benefit our Junior Lifeguard program, specifically the underfunded Financial Aid program. Every dollar helps a youth who would not be able to otherwise afford the program.